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The International Library of Poetry published my poems in several anthologies including "The Best Poems and Poets of 2002" and "The International Who's Who in Poetry", and I received the Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Silver Award Bowl and two Editor's Choice Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry.

The Final Game

I cried and cried.
Endlessly waters streamed from unseen wells.
Time seemed to cease and wait with bated breath,
As questions screamed from deep inside:
Why do we turn away and leave the other,
Out in the cold of loneliness and sorrow?
Why has the way back to your heart, my brother,
Turned to a path where thorns and thistles grow?
When will the war be over, gone the wall,
And love revived, and harmony restored for all? -
With barriers, insurmountable, and widening chasms,
Countries divided by the abyss of distrust?
Is hope alive and can we yet be saved? ---
The answers slowly dawned. And now
Time is no longer standing still- its speeding!
The pieces on the chess board are arranged.
The first moves have been made.
You wonder at the power that is leading
The world from economic crashes, turmoil, hate,
To order, peace, prosperity so long awaited
The players play their game, eyeing their goal,
Brilliantly both, but one seems to control;
Is he a hero, impostor, Savior or foe?
Is he the Enemy who was defeated long ago?-
One player, gently, with humility
Offers to you a brighter future's key.
The other, proudly clad in conqueror's guise,
All-promising, alas - his mouth is filled with lies.-
Watch the game closely now and see
The glorious hidden majesty
Of Him whose victory is but delayed.
One player brings you freedom's call,
The other one will cause your fall.
Yours is the power to choose
Which side you're on, which role you play
Whether you will win or lose.
I challenge you to fight for love, relentless, without fear,
Tomorrow may be late, heed wisdom's voice today:
The end of the great game is almost here.

Copyright c2002 Marina Helene Gruenhage

This poem was read at the International Society of Poets Convention and Symposium in Washington D.C. on August 23, 2002. 2500 poets from 58 countries were present.

Making a Difference

Yellow FlowersSweet little flowers peek out
their heads with cheery smiles
from the rock-filled space.
Tender and meek
amidst hard rough stone,
they know no care,
just to be there,
holding on.
See, they make a difference
in this grey place
as each tiny face shines,
reflecting the sun!
rocks (8K)

c2002 Marina Helene Gruenhage

I send my thoughts to you
For they have wings;
Transformed into a prayer.
A message bear they,
And it laughs and sings,
In thanks for all your care.
Breathe deeply now, be still,
And feel the gentle winds descending.
I asked the One above to fill
Your life with love and peace
Beyond all understanding.

c2002 Marina Helene Gruenhage

Memories of Love Amazing

ButterflyMay I drown inside your eyes?
Abandon all, shallowness and pride
In moon-lit lakes where angels dance
And love abides?
May I slip through mirrors full of mystery
To glance at visions captured in their shade?
Invade the inner sanctuary to see
What secrets in its distant chambers hide?
Doors opened wide, you beckoned me to come.
Effortlessly gliding, I slowly sank,
Until I touched the bottom of your heart
And rested there - finally home;
Aware of nothing but your warmth.
Bedecking me with jewels from your cave
You made of me a queen.
All of your kingdom, not just half, you gave.
My untold thoughts, you kissed them one by one,
Infusing them with light.
Mighty transforming love so long ago begun,
Sheds forth its fragrance far beyond that night.

c2002 Marina Helene Gruenhage

"Florence" is about a little girl from a family of eight children my husband and I used to live and work with. Having never had kids of our own, the love and affection of this little one greatly touched our hearts.


florence (15K)Ever-so-gently she opened the door,
Tiny feet tip-toed across the floor
Who had escaped from their mommy and dad?
And was now scrambling into our bed?
Right in-between us she laid down to rest,
Contentedly nestling her head at my breast.
She snuggled up to us making no sound,
I could only feel her little heart pound.
So quiet I could hardly hear her breathe,
‘Till at last she heaved a sigh of relief.
My princess and mooncalf and sparkling star,
A special treasure from Heaven you are,
So thoughtful and courteous, tender and kind
That when you’re a rascal I hardly mind!
Barely a year ago these things were not so;
She’d often be moody, whiney and sad
Only sometimes she would make me glad.
But now although she’s only five,
An amazing change has come into her life:
How can someone so small
Make decisions that tall?
To be loving and caring and giving
Has become her reason for living.

c2002 Marina Helene Gruenhage

eyeofloveborder (10K)

Through the Eyes of Love

You are on my mind. That's why
I want to tell you of the beauty I have found;
The beauty of the sun that shines so bright
And golden when the night is passed.
And the much greater beauty of the Son,
Who gives His light
To brighten nights that seem to last and last.
I want to tell you of the beauty I have found;
The beauty of a warm, caressing hand
That wipes my pain away.
And other beauty not forgotten comes from a land
That knows no night, only a glorious day!
The beauty of a multitude of angels
And Heaven's spirits watching by my side,
The radiant beauty of my Loved One's face who tells me:
"Everything will be all right! I save and keep and heal you,
My darling, My beloved bride!"

c2002 Marina Helene Gruenhage

[a.] Tokyo, Japan [title] "Through the Eyes of Love" [pers.] To reach into the depths of the soul bringing out the beauty within, one sometimes passes through a testing. This poem was borne when I was undergoing an emergency operation for peritonitis, while at the same time battling breast cancer. I faced despair on the long difficult road to recovery. The only way to cope with these seeming tragedies was to face them from a hopeful perspective--"Through the Eyes of Love." There is a power to lift, which is greater than all the forces that can hold you down. May you, too, find heaven's comfort in life's trials!

The Rescue

Lost in an ocean, gasping for air,
Struggling, pushing and gripping,
Saving myself, as if none else was there,
But alas, my power was slipping.

And deeper I sank, in the emptiness fell,
'Till I looked up and whispered Your name,
You reached out to me and saved me from Hell,
And never would my life be the same.

My walk in the shadows of blindness and night
Has ended; I'm no longer hiding.
The cocoon I left to dance in the light,
In exuberant freedom abiding.

The center of life is no longer I,
A new road lies before me, ascending
The center is Love, and without it I'd die,
But with Love my life is unending.

c2002 Marina Helene Gruenhage

The Gift of You

Dedicated to my husband

I memorize your face
As you bend over me,
Your eyebrows slightly raised,
And underneath your anxious gaze
Full of concern and empathy.

Daily you treat my wounds and scar,
Devoted to me nonetheless,
Most patient, gentle doctor, mine you are.
It seems that Heaven sent you just to bless
And share with me God's loving care.

You turn your back on fun and business
When no one else is there
To help me make it through the trial,
No matter whether it is night or day.
Although you're tired, still your smile
Tells me, "I'll love you all the way!"

I memorize your face,
The corners of your mouth, your frown,
Together we can run this race,
Our hearts unite in joyous praise,
So deep our love has grown!

c2002 Marina Helene Gruenhage

Marina's latest poem written in October 2004 and soon to be published in a new book on poetry called The Best Poems and Poets of 2004. (Slightly adapted)


The trees are quivering in the cold,
Like him grown old with years
But inside, young and fresh and bold,
Slumber the seeds.

His body aches, his lone heart cries,
How fast life passed him by.
Who understands his secret sighs?
Knows what he needs?

Asleep for 30, 40, 50 years or more,
Spellbound, afraid to die.
In vain the Prince came to the fore,
Through thorns and weeds.

In vain? Love's magic heard to fail?
No, Love won't quit the fight,
Conquering all she must prevail,
For him she pleads.

Not too late for miracles to begin,
To turn and face the light,
Love's destiny is but to win,
Despite defeats.

Maybe today you'll hear the call
To reach for the unknown,
And save the stranger, lest he fall,
In darkened streets.

Maybe you hear her whisper, Come
To water thirsty seeds
And plant them on that joyful road
That Home to Heaven leads.

Copyright © 2002 by Marina Helene Gruenhage

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